Our Services

We Provide the Following Services for Companies, Partnerships & Other Business Structures in the SME and the Larger Private Corporate Space.

– Enhancing and augmenting your working capital and  long term balance sheet, including restructuring your debt and leverage in order to position your business with the ideal capital structure.

– Completing business plans and strategies in line with our consulting and your growth ambitions. This can be for the purposes of implementing your growth or succession planning, attaining debt/bank funding, assisting in attaining equity funding or preparing your business for a sale.

– Although we are not affiliated with any financial institution or bank, our networks are vast and we utilise such networks in assisting you to get the best overall financing structure.

– Consulting on potential acquisitions and divestures and completing the due diligence with regards to financial analysis & modelling, acquisition target research and integration capability of the new entity into your current business. We also specialise in leveraged or management buy-outs, including preparation of all qualitative and quantitative information and relevant negotiations with the financiers/banks and other parties.

– Providing you with bespoke financial modelling and research. This includes running you through different upside and downside scenarios that your business may experience, including potential impact on your business gross or net position from new competitors, change in consumer behaviour, impact of changes in the wider economy and many other scenario’s. We also assist in providing you with corporate finance consulting such as reports of potential returns or losses and cash flow forecasting from undertaking new projects, overall capital expenditure or strategic decisions regarding certain parts of your business. This may include different divisions or subsidiaries.

– Consulting on business development and branding strategies, including social network and website presence.

– Providing industry insight, industry comparisons and aligning this with relevant economic developments.

– We also have a vast network of professionals, including specialised accountants, lawyers and industry experts whom we partner with in order to provide you with the best expert advice.

Please feel free to contact us for further information on Enquiries@augmentcc.com with the following details:
– Nature of your enquiry
– Business name & description
– Contact details including phone number & email.